»Soccer Draft

In ESEI Events we offer our own Draft methodology, for the recruitment of players nationally and internationally.

We are specialized as a school of technification and high performance, for young athletes from all over the world, whom we help both to improve athletically, and to develop personally.

Our coaches will test their skills and choose those they consider best prepared to travel to Madrid.

In the Spanish capital they will play with well-known teams such as AD Alcorcón, Getafe CF, Club Atlético de Madrid, CF Fuenlabrada or Móstoles CF.

From ESEI we will associate the club where the player will participate, depending on their age and sports level.

» How it works

Day 1

Arrival of ESEI professionals to the Draft venue, presentation and press conference.

Days 2 and 3

Field work in the morning and afternoon where ESEI professionals will evaluate the players.

Day 4

Delivery of player reports, personal ratings and return of ESEI professionals to Spain.

»Do we bring the ESEI Draft to your country?

  1. We set goals.
  2. Player registration.
  3. Search for sponsors and collaborators.
  4. Logistics, transport and accommodation.
  5. Visit to the host country.
  6. Presentation of the event on different platforms and media.
  7. All set: we held the Draft.

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